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Open for submissions

Blueverie Poetic Magazine will aim to be a magazine that includes any kind of poetry (poems, haikus, limericks…) that focuses on the beauty of nature, the sky, the moon and the beauty of sadness and dreams using pure and blue language. It only aims to show the pure side of poetry with mostly focusing on nature and the moon.

We are planning to publish the first issue in September this year and the submissions will be open until the 15th of July 2020.

The most important thing is that the poems follow our pure image as we want to focus on the beauty of pure poetry and the beauty of sadness and the blue.

If you are interested and would like to see your work published in our magazine, write an e-mail to
blueveriemagazine@gmail.com with the subject “Blueverie 1st Issue Submission”. You can send us 1-5 poems as a pdf file with a short introduction about yourself.

Blue regards,

Sâye La Moonbird

Founder, editor and curator